A mysterious prototype for whatís believed to be the next-generation Lexus ES sedan has been spied testing near the Nurburgring in Germany.

Not much is known about this tester, but to our eye, it looks as though itís an all-new Lexus ES based on the 2018 Toyota Camryís updated platform. The current ES, which has been with us since 2012, is riding on the outgoing Camryís architecture. It seems imminent that Toyota will make a new ES based on the latest version of the Camry, then, and we get the feeling this prototype is it.

With how similar the two are in size, itís also possible this is a prototype for a next-generation Lexus GS, as other outlets are reporting. However, rumors point to Lexus killing off the rear-wheel drive GS, with the front-wheel drive ES continuing on as the brandís only mid-size four-door. This would make the most financial sense, as the ES shares a platform with a more widely produced model and is thus cheaper to produce. Additionally, with the GS gone, Lexus wonít have to worry about its two mid-size offerings stepping on each otherís toes.
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